Hello Spring My Old Friend

It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn. B. C. Forbes

Being the Papa at the farm, I do love to see the coming of spring when everything begins to wake up after a long winters sleep.

Wasn’t a hard winter, thank the Lord. It was and is very beautiful.

I also appreciate the quiet mornings when the forest and the fields give off that crisp and cold feeling and the air freezes as it’s pulled into my lungs. Sure makes that HOT cup of coffee taste pretty damn good!

Winter’s a great season for getting some family time in. Sitting by the fire with the grand kids, planning the up-coming year.

It’s the time when you slow down and appreciate what was accomplished last year. Healthy pasture raised chicken and pork in the freezer, potatoes and onions in the root cellar and hard cider ready to be enjoyed.

I must say the good Lord has helped us in our hard work and in our endeavors to live a more self sustainable life style.

I do love the winter but the winter solstice passes and the next thing you know spring!!

Yes babies are popping up all over the place.

Pasture needs attention, asparagus and rhubarb need harvesting and the fences, always the fences need work.

Thank God my son-in-law who’s young and strong and with his wife (my charming daughter) and 3 kids can do the heavy lifting.

chicksOur little porkers arrived on Sunday the 18th.

Chicks arrived March 24th and our little porkers arrived on Sunday the 18th.

I’d like to sit down and have another cup of mocha but as my 3 year old grandson Jack says “Papa, let’s do it” He’s the one on the left next to Gus his brother. Looks like he’s ready.Jack and Gus - lets do it

Who doesn’t love SPRING!.

My Food Journey

I’m so amazed every time I come across food facts.

Born in the late 50’s I just took so much of our food system for granted. We swallowed government information on what was good and what was not only to later discover the government really didn’t care for the people as much as they cared for the large special interest big money donor companies.

Now as I journey on this road toward healthier living, I’ve stopped to examine all my old preconceived ideas on food.

I do believe that when God puts us on this planet he wanted his people to be good stewards of everything he provided.

I do know this so far…. I’m learning…. I’m feeling better and I’m have a whole lot of fun.