Brown Eggs

10295687_10204470595827926_1697242039750663869_nWe believe we have one of the best egg programs you’ll find any where. We are state “Certified Egg Producers”.

DSC00423These hens are very beautiful with reddish brown feathers and flecks of white through out.

IMG_1680We run Red Star hens which lay large brown eggs in our pastures.  These are free range birds which we pen only in extra large areas for protection from predators.






Our ladies dine on an all natural feed and when available, we supplement their feed with organic dairy products.

All natural chicken feed does not contain any:

  • Additives
  • Preservatives
  • Coloring agents
  • Antibiotics

A fresh egg is not only delicious but chock full of vitamins like, vitamin A and vitamin D. Eggs contain plenty of Omega 3’s and protein. We, on the farm, say eggs are Gods gift to mankind.

We deliver bi-weekly to Spokane. You can also visit the farm if you like. Please call ahead. 509-202-9118

If you’d  like to order or for more information, please email us at