If you enjoy eating quality pork the same way your grandparents did, Garden Spot Farms offers for your consideration our “Farm Fresh Pastured Pork.”  We raise Large Black pigs. Great tasting on any barbecue!







Since cost is the largest factor in determining what you can eat, we have a simple bulk pricing structure that allows you to budget the costs up front.

If you want to buy a Half Pork:

  1. Pay a $175 deposit on your order before March 15. I charge $200 on orders after that date.
  2. Pay the balance of $100 on or before October 15.
  3. You pay the processor, Dunham’s Meats, for the cut & wrap when you pick up. The charge will range from $68 to $75, depending on what you order.

If you want to buy ALL THE PORK:

  1. Double all the costs & deposits we mention above.

So what are you going to get?  Let’s assume a Half Pork that hangs at 100 pounds.

You’ll receive approximately the following:

  1. 23 Pork chops (the thickness will determine how many)
  2. 2 Roasts
  3. 1 Ham
  4. 8 Pounds of Bacon
  5. 3 pounds spareribs
  6. 9 pounds ground pork.
  7. In all, it’s between 65 and 70 pounds of pork after processing.

This is just a basic list; a pig has lots of options, like ham hocks, jowls, lard, organ meat, etc. Pork_Cuts

If you’d like to order, please contact Chad or Amanda by phone at 509.999.9612 or by emailing us at chris@gardenspotfarms.com. We’ll get your Pork growing in May!

We also sell  weaner pigs to those interested in raising your own pork.

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